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Below we have compiled a list of frequently ask questions with answers to better serve you.

Lake Lewisville Chartered Party Boats Is Just Minutes from Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Grapevine, DFW Metro Areas.

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Welcome to JT's Frequently Ask Questions  Page!

For Better and Faster Service, Please have #1 & #2 below information ready when calling.

Below we have compiled a list of frequently ask questions with answers to better serve you.

Still have question or ready to reserve your party?

Please Call Us, Phone Answered 10am to 8pm @ 972-292-1001


Planning a private party, wedding, bachelor/ette, girls/guys night out party, business meeting, celebration or family reunion?

Seniors' outings, school classes, swim parties, Quinsieras, Bar Mitzvahs, meet-up groups, etc. are popular.

Want an anniversary, birthday, retirement or other party to tour lovely Lewisville Lake?


Please Have Everyone Read This Before Your Charter Date:   General Policies



#1 - The Number one thing to do:  Which Boat Do I Want or Need?

First figure out how many guests you plan on inviting as this will determine how big a boat you need. 

Have guests RSVP so you know the number of those who will attend. 

We have 2 Custom-Built, High Weight Capacity 1 Story/Single Deck Motor Catamarans,

(We Are NOT The Homemade Double Deck Floating Dock/Barge, we do not have a slide or have fires/grilles on the vessel).

The 1 Story/Single Deck Boat, W/Multi-Hulls (Motor Catamarans) was chosen for your safety,

keeping your party all together and being able to travel around the lake with less problems.

If a boat is maxed out or overloaded with more people OR MORE WEIGHT than recommended, this is dangerously unsafe, uncomfortable

and makes for a bad experience. Max. people and weight capacity limit is strictly enforced for YOUR SAFETY.

Once you have determined how many guest, click on that link for pricing, boat equipment and information.


#2 - Number 2 Thing To Do: Please know what dates you want also have alternate dates ready.

Book the boat you want as far in advance as you can, especially if on a Holiday or Friday and Saturday Nights. Swim daytime only.

Saturday nights book fast as much as 6 to 8 weeks in advance and more. All boat rentals are prepaid in advance, we stop taking credit cards to help keep expenses down, so we can provide you with quality products and service. We accept cash, money orders or cashier's checks.


Number 3 Thing To Do:

Plan for food, drinks, ice, music, etc., and choose a theme for the party if desired. We do not believe in fires on a boat esp. when you have 30 to 50 people on board, so we ask you to bring pre-cooked foods or just keep it simple. We do not have any restrictions on drinks, Please limit glass containers, remember if glass breaks on the boat and people are barefoot you can get someone hurt. Please limit the stereo operation to one or two people, cd's, i-pod, i-pad, i-phone or lap top, please no mixing boards or speakers.


Number 4 Thing To Do:

Think about Transportation--if hiring a bus or meeting at the boat, give accurate directions, parking information and have designated drivers if needed.

These are Frequently Asked Questions.


Where are you located?

Our 40’ and 50’ party boats are located @ Eagle Point Marina in Lewisville, Texas

Exit @ Garden Ridge or 454 B – Click here for directions

1 Eagle Point Dr., Boat House #2

Lewisville, TX 75077


How many boats do you have, what kind and how many people do your boats hold? Remember kids are people too!

We have 2 Custom-Built, High Capacity 1 story/single deck Motor Catamarans NOT The Homemade Barges/Floating Docks.

The 1 story/single deck boat was chosen for your safety and keeping your party all together.

Max. PEOPLE AND weight capacity limit is strictly enforced for YOUR SAFETY.


40’ x 12' Party Boat – 1 to 40 people or 9,000 lbs., weight includes food, drinks, gear and driver

Even though the boat is rated for 40 passengers, we will only carry up to Max 35 adults plus driver & gear.


50’ x 16' Party Boat – 1 to 50 people or 12,000 lbs., weight includes food, drinks, gear and driver

We will only carry up to Max 50 People plus driver & gear. Please Do Not show up with more and expect to get on.


Do you rent jet skis or ski boats?

JT's Does Not offer ski boats or jet skis rentals any more since 2008.


What are your hours or how late can we stay out?

The boats are available 7 days a week 9 am - 11:30 pm, March - October on Lewisville Lake Only. 


We answer the phone 10am - 8pm:

If you get the recording please leave your name, number, what boat and date & time you choose and we will return your call.


Can we drive the boats?

No, we only do charters as our drivers and crew are experienced professionals with Texas commercial party boat operators licenses who know the lake, boat, equipment, etc. and do their best to ensure you have a good time. Please feel free to talk to our crew and let them know what you want to do and where you want to go. We'll do our best to accommodate your requests.


Do you go to Lake Lewisville's Party Cove?

Yes, but due to the size of our boats, safety and liability issues, we do not tie up to other vessels.  We've found that others not in your group will board the boat, eat your food and drink all your beverages!  Also You are liable for any damages they might also cause.


Do you have lifejackets?

Yes, we have all the safety equipment required but if there are kids under 90 lbs., toddlers or infants please tell us before boarding so we have the proper sized life vests onboard.


Can you swim off the boat?

Yes, but only in the day time.  Swim at Your Own Risk–No Life Guard Is On Duty.

We do require everyone getting in the water to have a life jacket per insurance regulations.


Do you have a stereo on the boats?

Yes, all our boats have a great stereo, with IPod and auxiliary connections. The large boats have a CD player.

You provide the music as we've found it is best to have a play list ready and use an online source like Pandora.


Can we have a DJ?

Yes, you can have a DJ who plugs a laptop into our 6-8 speaker stereo system, but we do not allow them to bring speakers or other large equipment due to space issues, harming our equipment, too much time is taken for set-up and their equipment would get wet causing safety problems.


Is there 110 electricity onboard? 

Yes, there is an inverter on the 2 larger boats for small appliances like a blender, computer, air inflator, etc., but it cannot handle Margarita machines, coffee pots, crock pots, microwaves, electric griddles, etc.  There is a generator with limited capabilities available for a small fee.


Can you smoke on the boat?

There is a No Smoking Policy on Public Boat Rides.

Private parties, in designated area only, may smoke if respectful of the boat, and no crushing of cigarette butts on the floor is allowed!  Flicking butts into the lake is also not permitted. The organizer is responsible for any damages. Smoking can be discontinued at any time.


Is there a toilet on the boat?

Yes, our 40’ & 50’ each have one with toilet paper and hand sanitizer furnished.

The toilet is not a party or play room, Please only 1-person allowed at a time in the toilet, This is strictly enforced.

We ask all paper products (toilet paper, handi-wipes, sanitary napkins, etc.) be put into the trash can, as not to stop up the toilet.

The trip can be terminated if the toilet is stopped up and you are responsible for clean up or damages.


Can we decorate the boat?

On the 2 larger boats we allow 30 mins. to board the boat for decorating, loading food and drinks but 15 mins. to board on the smaller 26'. 

Please do not use tape and do not bring confetti, rubber string-type or other compressed streamers due to safety and environmental hazards.


Can we bring our own food or caterer?

Yes, but food must be cooked as no grill is allowed onboard for safety reasons. You may bring liquid-type fuel to keep food warm in warming containers, but no gel-type Sterno fluids are allowed due to fire hazards.  You may also use your caterer or we can recommend one. 

Food is best loaded before anyone boards so have food arrive 30 mins. before charter time.


Can we bring our own drinks and alcohol?

Yes, you must bring all your beverages.

If consuming alcohol, you must be 21 or older. The organizer has the sole responsibility for underage drinking as JT’s does not furnish any drinks.

Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to drunk and disorderly conduct, trashing or destruction of the boat or equipment, etc. and Is Not Tolerated, You are responsible for your group.


Can we bring glass bottles on the boat?

Glass containers are not recommended as people may be barefoot. Cans or plastic bottles should be brought for safety reasons.


Is there a dress code?

No, just be comfortable but remember to dress for weather conditions.  Wearing non-slip shoes is recommended. Private parties may dress to a theme so ask the organizer about any requested attire.


What happens in case of bad weather during my event?



If the charter is cancelled by JT's due to heavy rain, high winds or unsafe conditions at the time of the charter, the reservation deposit and all payments will be applied to a new date in the same season upon availability. Unsafe weather conditions will be determined solely by the driver as it may be raining where you are but not at Lewisville Lake.  The driver may also delay the charter and wait for rain to subside with time added if another charter is not scheduled afterward.  A credit of time not used would be given as a rain check to use at another available scheduled time if not able to use the same day.  All payments made are nonrefundable as no refunds can be granted.



Please understand if you or your guest come on the boat and damage the equipment You the Customer are responsible for any damages and cancellations.

Payment must be made within 30 days of the charter date or late fees and interest charges will apply.


What is not allowed on the boat?

No pets or fishing allowed.  Weapons–guns, large knives of any kind, fireworks, illegal substances, etc. are not permitted.

Unruly behavior, confrontation with any crew member, fighting, jumping off the boat without the crew’s permission,

drunk and disorderly conduct, trashing or destruction of the boat or equipment, etc.,

Is Not Tolerated and can result in early termination of the charter.


Please Folks the driver & crew are there to provide you a service and for your safety and have the option to terminate the trip at anytime and call the police.

If the Captain terminates the charter there will be NO REFUNDS of money or time. Please respect our crew & equipment.

When people drink alcohol in hot temperatures you get dehydrated easy so you get drunk faster, this is when problems start.

Please be alert to your guest, be prepared with water, cold towels, designated drivers, etc.

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