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June 2013

June 2013

June 2013

June 2013

JT's Tri-Pontoon Boat


Hire one of the Nicest Pontoon Boats in North Texas,

Leave The Driving To Us, We Drive and You Relax!

Read All About JT's Tri-Pontoon Boat Below


2012 Custom-Made 26' Long x 8.5' Wide Fiberglass Tri-Pontoon Party Boat

High Weight Capacity Pontoon is rated for 1-14 adults or w/kids up to 18* passengers w/driver & 3500 Lbs.

Our High Weight Capacity Pontoon is one of a kind and at a very good price.

* 14 ADULTS MAX plus driver & gear.  Only 18 if half or more are kids 12 yrs. and under.

(Get the larger boat if more adults for more room, and a restroom is onboard the 40' & 50' boats.)

Our boats go out 7 days a week 9 am - 11:30 pm, March - October on Lewisville Lake.


"Please Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions"


After Reading, Do You Still Have Questions or Ready To Reserve Your Next Party?

This boat does book quickly so Please Call Us @ 972-292-1001 between 10 am - 9 pm

No need to rent 2 or 3 small recreational pontoon boats

We have the proper boats for your group! Leave The Driving To Us!

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Prices, Times and Dates:


By Reservation Only:  3-hr. min. rental weekends (Fri-Sun)

2-hr. min. Mon.Thurs. except holidays are 4-hr. minimum 

Must be at least 18 with picture ID to hire a charter (boat rental with driver)

Charter includes commercial party boat operator licensed driver so no worries on getting lost,

staying out after sunset, hitting sand bars or tree trunks or getting a DUI.

Pick up for the 26' boat is either on the east side of LEWISVILLE LAKE in west Frisco

or at Eagle Point Marina on the west side of Lewisville Lake in Lewisville


26' Tri-pontoon is available 7 days a week, 9:00 am - 11:30 pm, March-October

(11:30 pm is the latest time we stay out)


SEASON RATES (May 1 Sep. 30) : 

* 14 ADULTS MAX plus driver & gear as only 18 if half are kids 12 yrs. and under.

Fri, Sat, Sun Weekend: 1-8 people:  $75 / hr + Tax (3-hr minimum) or

                                                         $70 / hr + Tax (4 hrs)

                                      9-18 * pp:    $85 / hr + Tax (3-hr minimum) or

                                                         $80 / hr + Tax (4 hrs)


Mon - Thurs * Weekday:   1-18 * pp:  $65 / hr + Tax (2-hr min.* ), $60 / hr + Tax (3-4 hrs)

* (MAX. WEIGHT 3500 LBS. with Driver and all gear)

* Excludes Holidays and Holiday Weekends (4-hr min.)


Off Season Rate (Oct. 1 - Apr. 30, CLOSED NOV. - FEB.) 

Weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun):  1-18 * People:  $65 / hr + Tax, 3-hr min.

Weekday (Mon - Thurs * ):  1-18 * People:  $60 / hr + Tax, 2-hr min.

* 14 ADULTS MAX plus driver & gear as only 18 if half are kids 12 yrs. and under.



Sales tax to be added to all prices. Tips (gratuity) are always welcomed.

(Most establishments / restaurants ask 18% to 20% for groups)


Only cash, bank cashier's check, traveler's check, money order, church, school or corporate check accepted. (Sorry, no credit/debit cards nor personal checks accepted.)

Customer is responsible for damages and lost equipment with payment made within 30 days of charter date or late fees and interest charges apply.


NOTE:  Please understand if you or your guest come on the boat and damage the equipment, you the Customer are responsible

for any damages, and payment must be made within 30 days of the charter date or late fees and interest charges will apply.


$500 Deposit Required for ALL college, fraternity, sorority parties or persons 25 yrs. and under chartering the vessels.

Money will be refunded ONLY IF No Damages, No Fights or Any Unsafe Actions that require the Driver to cancel the trip.

No pets,  Weapons–guns, large knives of any kind, fireworks, illegal substances, etc. are not permitted. Unruly behavior, confrontation with any crew member, fighting,

jumping off the boat without the crew’s permission, swimming off from designated area or to other boats, drunk and disorderly conduct, trashing of the boat or equipment,

etc. is Not Tolerated and can result in early termination of the charter.

The driver & crew are there for your safety and assistance not abuse and have the option to terminate the trip at anytime,

If the Captain terminates the charter there will be NO REFUNDS of money or time. Please respect our crew & equipment.

Read All About JT's Pontoon Boat


JT’s 26’ Tri-Pontoon includes TX Commercial Party Boat Operator Licensed Driver, gas, all safety gear, ice chest (bring ice!) and trash can. 

For your safety, no grilling or cooking food is permitted so food must be cooked.  Food should be sliced and, if needed, on ice.

No "tubing" is available but you can slow down, relax, and enjoy life by floating on your own tube or air mattress!


JT's Tri-Pontoon Boat Features:

A Custom-Made 26' Long x 8.5' Wide Motor Tri-Pontoon Fiberglass 1 Story/Single Deck Party Boat

Our High Weight Capacity Tri-Pontoon is rated for 1 - 18 * passengers (including driver) or 3500 Lbs.

We recommend only 14 adults as only 18 pp allowed if half are kids, 12 & under.

we will only carry 14 adults MAX on the 26' so rent the 40' or 50' if more adults desired.


115-hp Suzuki 4-stroke Engine

10' x 8.5' Canopy for partial shade in the summer

All required life jackets and safety equipment on board

Noodles & Life Vests for floating, but you may bring your own inflatables

Easy entry platform with ladder to get into/out of boat

600 watts of Stereo with 4-Speakers & 10" Subwoofers, AM/FM Radio, MP-3 and I-Pod ready

Heavy-Duty Railing System W/ Gates

Fiberglass Non-Skid Deck

Perimeter Bench Seating

Sturdy Table with Bench Seating

Large Trash Container w/ Bag included

2 Dry Storage Bins

Large Ice Chest provided (Bring ice!)

MAX. WEIGHT of 3500 LBS. is strictly enforced FOR YOUR SAFETY to include passengers, driver, ice chests, food, drinks, etc.

JT's recommends the 40' boat for groups of 15 or more adults or groups with average weight of 200 lbs. or more.

JT's wants everyone to be comfortable and not cramped for space so we offer 3 different boats.

Please remember that weight capacity includes all drinks, food, etc. besides people! 

Boats are now built with 185 lbs./person average weight per regulations.


Fishing is allowed on 26' tritoon but bring poles, bait and fishing licenses.

Bring cooked food, water, BYOB (Alcoholic Drinks OK if 21 & over).

Stay out after darkas late as 11:30 pmbook ahead for fireworks shows!  For your safety, no swimming after sunset!

Don't worry about getting lost, giving $300-$500 deposit, having late fees, hitting a stump or sand bar! 

Your driver can take you on a scenic lake tour if desired to watch a sunset or just relax, swim or listen to music

while at any cove you want, eating your snacks and drinking your favorite beverage as BYOB OK if 21 & over.

Please get the proper boat for your guests as too many are hiring the wrong boat to save a few dollars or expect it to be something it is not.

When renting a Pontoon Boat a few things you need to know before you go!

First figure out how many guests you plan on inviting, this will determine how big of a boat you need. Is your group 1, 10, 15, 20 passengers or more?

Book the boat you want as far in advance as you can, especially if on a holiday.

Decide on a budget, plan for food, drinks, ice, music, etc., and choose a theme for the party if desired.

For transportation, if hiring a bus or meeting at the boat, give accurate directions, parking information and have designated drivers if needed.

Pontoon boats come in many sizes and are rated for a specific number of people with so much weight.

Some rental companies rent you the boat with you as driver and some provide their own driver.

Some rental companies furnish gas at no additional charge and some don't.


Most recreational pontoon boats have round pontoons and are not recommended for large groups or commercial use.

Commercial grade pontoon boats will have a high weight capacity plate which will give your group a smoother and safer ride.

Most recreational pontoon boats are rated for 12 or less people with 1800 lbs. MAX.

USCG-regulated average weight is now 185 lbs. per person on new boats.


If a boat is rated for 19 persons or 2800 lbs., you would all have to average under 148 lbs. and that does NOT includes ice chest, food, gear, etc.

If there are 12 people at an average of 200 lbs. or 2400 lbs., now add the ice chest (s), food, gear and the driver, so how much does everyone and everything weigh?

That 19-person rating just turned into a 12-passenger boat. Now compare a pontoon boat with a weight capacity plate of at least 3500 lbs. or more!

Experienced boat drivers know their weight capacity as wind and waves play a large role in the safety, ride and handling of the boat.

If the boat is maxed out or overloaded with more people OR MORE WEIGHT than recommended, this is dangerously unsafe, uncomfortable and makes for a bad experience.

For weight of your food and drinks, think about this:

16 oz. = 1 lb. or 1 case of 12 oz. cans = almost 20 lbs., 4 cases of drinks with ice and food weigh about 100 lbs.

There are also different engine sizes with different horsepower. Loaded weight and engine size/hp has everything to do with boat speed

Keep your group on one large, safer boat with more features.

No need to rent 2 or 3 small pontoon boats as JT's has the proper boats for your group!

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